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Throw it all away.
You see a light wherever you go
24th-Dec-2015 12:12 am - Shadow's app
15 You have to face it again and again.
Name: Ebi/Hebi
Livejournal Username: kaiba_katt
E-mail: citti_monroe@hotmail.com
AIM/MSN: hebbycakes
Timezone: GMT
Current Characters in Route: Old Snake imthe_shit and Ichimaru Gin the_grinreaper

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10th-Dec-2014 01:24 pm - HOW'D MY DRIVING?
01 Everybody tries to be straight

Constructive criticism only. IP logging is turned OFF, anonymous commenting is turned ON.
10th-Dec-2014 01:16 pm - POKEMON LIST
28 a flawless existence
HOUNDOOM♂ (starter)
lvl 96

lvl 96

lvl 30

lvl 80

lvl 66

lvl 66

Box 1

lvl 16

lvl 5

lvl 12

lvl 11

lvl 5

lvl 7

lvl 13

lvl 14

lvl 80
13th-Jul-2011 12:14 pm - [ video ; action for Ecruteak ]
38 I wanna make you satisfied
[ The video feed had been showing off Shadow's battle against Morty, with Shadow clearly in the lead. His Houndoom and Fearow had easily taken out both Morty's Haunter and Misdrevious with ease.

For the final Pokemon, Morty sends out Gengar, the larger ghost pokemon looming over Houndoom. Shadow smirks. ]

Hmph; Is that all you've got? Your Ghost types are about to be blown away by my power... Houndoom, Bite it, now!

[ The hell hound howls before rushing forward, clamping its jaws around the ghostly figure, managing to bite down into its body, a super-effective move doubled with the sheer overwhelming difference in level. The Gengar attempts to pry Houndoom off, but the pain is too much, and it faints on the spot.

Shadow looks pleased, but he's careful not too over-do it. Control is important in intimidating one's foe. Morty looks shocked, not expecting this sudden loss. Shadow speaks once more before turning off the gear. ]

What's the matter? It looks like you're about to... give up the ghost.
4th-Jul-2011 04:13 pm - [ video ; action ]
02 But things are still unchanged
[ Shadow is sitting with down next to the Pokemon Center in Ecruteak, his Magmar and Houndoom both running around in the summer heat. For Shadow, he felt almost grateful for being human right now... his black fur would surely attract the sunlight. Being human meant he could take off his long black jacket, which he's done now.

He's shirtless right now, but applying sunscreen to his body. At his left is the Poke Gear, which is on. ]

This is Shadow.

It's been too hot to train properly, but my fire-type Pokemon are doing much better than my others.

I'm... in need of some summer activities to keep myself occupied if I won't be training.
24th-Jun-2011 03:33 am - [ Action for Ecruteak ]
32 give me your huge potential
[ When Shadow wakes up, he finds himself next to Houndoom, apparently using the beast as a pillow. He slowly sits up, looking about in confusion, only to notice the usually stoic Mawile (at least he thought so) curled up on his lap. ]

... Mm?

[ How long had he been out for? That horrible nightmare he had... How long had it lasted? There were puddles of rain on the ground, but he was only somewhat soaked. It looks like his Pokemon were keeping good care of him.

He lies back down again, eyebrows furrowed as he attempted to remember just what had happened to himself. ]

18th-Jun-2011 02:14 am - [ video ]
13 You live an endless life forever.
[ The feed clicks on to a Mawile who is in tears, the Gear right close to her face. She's crying at it, trying to tell everyone what's happened, but it's pretty much useless-- unless anyone can speak Pokemon.

Behind her, though impossible to see unless someone were in the same area as them, is Shadow. He's collapsed on the ground, eyes staring blankly at nothing. His gaze is hollowed, like he's asleep with his eyes open. ]


PLEASE! Someone please come here and help my Master! Master Shadow has collapsed; I don't know what to do!! He looked into it... He looked into it, and I wasn't able to stop him!

It's all my fault that Master Shadow is like this, but... I beg of you, please! Someone help him!!

6th-Jun-2011 02:09 pm - [ Action ] [ Ecruteak ]
18 i'm not scared at all
[Shadow tosses a Pokeball, capturing the wounded Magmar within it. He smirks over at Mawile, approving of her strength.]

There doesn't appear to be many Pokemon now that can withstand our power. I'm glad you were able to keep up with the rest of your comrades, Mawile.

[Mawile looks up at her Master, eyes staring blankly, though in her soul she was beaming with respect and admiration for the Ultimate Life form. She wished she could speak the same language as him, only so she could tell him how much he meant to her. But that would have to wait.]

Perhaps we should take on Morty, then. [Shadow kneels down, taking out a lemonade from his backpack and tossing it to Mawile.] Here. I don't usually waste money on these, but I decided to take a chance in order to improve the morale of my team. You deserve this.

[Catching the can of lemonade, Mawile blinks at Shadow, then smiles for the first time in a while. It seemed like it was okay; after all, Shadow was smiling, too.

Something had changed in her Master, and despite that, she still adored him. Whoever had spoken to Shadow... whoever shared his burdens for a few moments... She wanted to thank them.]

[ooc: Shadow is in the Burned Tower. Feel free to chat him up via PokeGear, though it wasn't on at the time.]
28th-May-2011 08:34 pm - [ video ; action ; EVERYTHING ]
05Headstraightforyourgoal by any means
[It was strange-- once again, Shadow was in his normal body... And had his abilities back, too. What was going on? Hadn't... hadn't this happened before? He was certain it had; something had made him forget.

The black hedgehog looked to a nearby rooftop, easily making the jump to it. All his pokeballs were easily kept within his quills; no problem there. But something was strange... There were many people here... he could hear voices, more than were here before...]

What's going on here?
22nd-May-2011 08:18 pm - [ Video ; Action ]
12 nobody can tear you
[When the feed clicks on, Shadow is covered in water but he appears to be in Ecruteak. He's standing next to the Pokemon Center, luckily sheltered from the falling rain.]

This is Shadow. Rouge and I have arrived in Ecruteak; this rain has been carrying on strong for two days now. Not only that but... the Pokemon in the streams are acting strangely. Some of them are trying to get out of the water.

What's going on?

[His own Pokemon have been acting a little restless, but none of the ones in his team were water types.]
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